Who We Are

We’re a couple of grad school drop-outs who’ve decided to leave everything behind to pursue Jesus. We’re crazy about Him, because He’s crazy about us. He’s given us real, whole, full life, so the only thing that makes sense is to chase after Him.

We’re all about what Jesus is about — stuff like bringing light to darkness, freedom to those in chains, and life where there’s death.

Megan is a teacher, jewelry-maker and wonderful baker. She’s also a writer and likes to blog about the stuff God’s teaching her. She’s a recovering over-achiever and cried tears of joy when she got her first B in college.

Shane is a writer and photographer, and likes to sing super loudly and have dance parties with God. He enjoys exploring unknown cities, hidden waterfalls and J.Crew sales racks.

We met in an a cappella singing group in college (before Glee, okay?) and have been married since 2008. It’s pretty rad.

If you’d like to get to know us more, visit Megan’s blog or Shane’s blog, or feel free to contact us.